Three Countries I’d Like to Visit

I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, Germany and Egypt.

Japan has always fascinated me with it’s culture and history. I’d love to be able to visit and go see the countryside…preferably with somebody who speaks the language.

I’d also love to see Germany for many of the same reasons and see some the castles they have there.

I love history so it’s natural to want to see some of the oldest man-made structures on earth.

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Ignorance Is (Not) Bliss

I think most of the time it really is better to know the truth. Sometimes the truth can be an awful thing but is it really better to believe in a lie when someday down the road you find out the truth and you realize you’ve been lied to for years on end? I really don’t think so. It can also be hard to be the one that has to tell the truth about something but it’s so much easier to remember truths than lies. At least IMHO.

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What My Laugh Sounds Like

202/365 – Laugh

So I’m supposed to describe what my laugh is like. I always think I sound bad when I hear myself talk and stuff like in videos. I honestly don’t pay much attention to my laugh though. I think people have told me I laugh like my mother which is kind of a hackle but I’m really not sure. I’ll have to ask my wife.

I do know I should laugh a lot more.

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